Our specialty is technology and computer law. We can help you with copyrightpatent, trademark, trade secret and other issues relating to intellectual property. We also understand the business aspects of technology, and can help you develop and implement an intellectual property strategy that supports your business objectives.

Lawrence Rosen is a leader in open source software and open standards. Larry has served as general counsel for Open Source Initiative and writes and speaks worldwide on intellectual property issues. Consult him if, for example:

  • You have concerns about how to in-license or out-license open source software.
  • You want to audit your compliance with open source licenses.
  • You contribute your intellectual property to open source projects.
  • Your employees are involved in open source development activities.
  • You partner with other companies to create and distribute open source products.

Michael B. Einschlag is an expert in intellectual property law, including patent and trademark law, and in the development and maintenance of intellectual property portfolios. Mike has served as head of IP at companies in the semiconductor, medical and software industries.  Consult him if, for example:

  • You want to generate or evaluate a patent portfolio.
  • You need opinion(s) regarding patents of others.
  • You want to license intellectual property, yours or that of others.
  • You have a dispute over intellectual property involving litigation.

Both of us can advise you on how to safeguard your software or other intellectual property. We can help you to obtain patent, copyright and trademark protection. We work together to understand and appreciate your technology and your business so that our legal advice is helpful and not generic.